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May 12, 2018

Welcome to Transgentlemen's Quarterly, an Internet Community created for the mature Transman.


With the visibility of our community at the forefront, the array of content that has become available is huge. Everywhere you turn on the internet and in social media, channels and pages are popping up all over. I am so very excited for the younger members of our community, in that they have available so much information and support that those of us that fall within the demographic of 35 and older and are currently beginning transition, or began transition before the year 2000 didn't necessarily have available.


We had a few ground-breaking pieces of literature to chose from, that I for one, grabbed up and digested like a malnourished child. Names like; James Green, Leslie Feinberg, Loren Cameron and Max Wolf, who were in my eyes, pioneers of the FTM movement, unfortunately are unknown to most young transmen of today.


With the amazing amount of information that is out there, I found a great lack of content and much needed information for those of us that are either in, or approaching retirement age to glean from. We tend to have different interests and health concerns than our younger counterparts that require some much needed light shone upon.


We are looking into information on business, retirement planning, health issues and activities we can enjoy that won't leave us recuperating for 3 days afterwards. (personally speaking)


We will delve into some fashion and grooming ideas that are physique and age appropriate, but will keep us turning heads as we walk down the street. Music and the Arts, Travel, Food & Drink, etc. 


I realized that, if i'm looking for these kinds of topics tailored to being a transman of a certain age, there has to be others like me out there combing the electronic universe for the same. So the answer was simple; "If You Build It, They Will Come".


But, I can't do this alone. I am in vital need of hearing from you, our community. Please let me know what topics are important to you. What has you scratching your heads in search of answers? What are the things that you feel shy to, or just don't know where to turn to ask?


Another goal of mine, is to also create a community of support among Brothers, as well as our Significant Others, that whether we realize or not, have also gone, or are going through their own transition journey, learning to navigate the changes and challenges in our evolving personas. Something I like to call; "How to Drive a Transman"!


I will do my very best to investigate and bring back to you the information that you need. 


So, I encourage you to join me in empowering each other as we traverse into and through our Golden Years and who knows, maybe we'll even teach a few of those young Whippersnappers a thing or two!


"Jump In And Join The Movement"!




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